Earthdawn Character Generator

This is an unofficial online character generator for the Earthdawn RPG (mostly 2nd edition). It uses the alternative discipline mechanics as proposed by RedBrick for the 3rd edition but with custom talent options based on the 1st and 2nd edition talents. There might also be some house rules incorporated into some of the talents but the basic character generation rules (using the attribute purchase method) match the ones from 2nd edition. There is also an overview page for all the discipline talent options used in this generator.

The current program was tested in Firefox 3.x and needs a modern browser with a decent Javascript engine. It uses some server-side scripts also in order to retrieve the basic data but it would be possible to convert it to a strictly client-side tool. If you want to use your own data and rules just get the script and build your own on top of it (it's open source). In case of questions drop me a line: webmaster [at]

Don't reload the page during character creation or you will lose all your entries. There is a save/load feature hidden under the "Tools" section. And of course the source is freely accessible and modifiable, therefore dear game master don't expect the saved characters to be always valid. In order to print the page set all the page margins in your browser's print dialog to 0, then it should all fit nicely onto a single sheet of paper.


Earthdawn and all corresponding material is copyright (c) FASA Corporation, RedBrick Limited. Earthdawn and Earthdawn Second Edition is a Registered Trademark of FASA Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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In order to save the current character to your local disk please press the following button. An open/save file dialog will pop up where you just have to save the file to your disk. You may change the filename and extension if you like.

To load a previously saved character just select the corresponding file on your local disk with the following browse dialog and then click the load button.
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